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Coach Kayla

B.S. Health and Human Performance; Concentration in Exercise Science, ACSM CPT

Coach Code: KAYLA

My fitness journey began after a really bad wakeboarding accident that led to my jaw being wired shut, resulting in significant weight-loss. For months, I struggled to gain weight by food consumption alone, so with very little knowledge and a burning desire to feel confident in my body again, I hit the weight room and began designing and implementing my own resistance training and nutrition programs.

Almost a decade later, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, both academically and through real-world training of hundreds of women. I'm especially passionate about smart strength training, healthy weight-gain, proper movement execution, fat-loss methodologies and pain-free performance..

As a single, working mother I know how busy and overwhelming life can get. I believe the path to accomplishing your health and fitness goals is to focus on the day to day journey, and consistently show up for yourself. Finding balance is critical to your success, and I will help you get there!