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Transforming the virtual fitness experience.

Through both human ingenuity and first-in-class, leading technology, Sesh is unlocking a new way to approach the female health and wellness journey.



We're changing the way women approach the health of their bodies and minds.


We're the opposite of the 'eat less, run more' mentality.


From strength training to nutrition, we'll make it easy for you.


Founded in 2012 as "FIT by Katy", Sesh has been evolving to bring the best virtual fitness experience possible to women everywhere.

  1. 2012 | Katy Hearn

    In 2012 , after looking through photos of a fun night of celebrating with friends, Founder Katy Hearn had a realization. She wasn't happy with the way she was treating her body, and was going to do something about it. She joined a gym that day and later started a social media account to chronicle her journey through fitness.

    While reaching her own goals, she fell in love with the way strength training transformed her body and mindset. After successfully achieving her own goals, her passion became sharing all of the knowledge she had gained with women around the world who were just like her. Women who had set their hearts on the goals they wanted to invest their time in but didn't know where to start. Women who wanted to find harmony within a healthy lifestyle. Women who have to balance work, school, their families, and making time for themselves on top of everything else they have to cross off on their to-do lists. Women like you!

  2. 2017 | FIT by Katy App

    Katy and her husband Haydn continued to coach thousands of women over the years through their online challenges. Being able to share their passion with the world is what created the FIT by Katy app in 2015. They wanted to be able to reach more women and help change more lives. By creating an easy-to-use fitness app, she enabled women around the world to work towards their own personal goals. This is where hundreds of thousands of women have come together to cheer each other on, share the most intimate parts of the path to achieving their goals, and lean on one another for support so they never feel alone.

    FIT by Katy launched countless new app features, challenges and programs from 2015 to 2023 and worked hard to evolve into one of the leading fitness brands in the U.S.

  3. 2019 | Coach Roster

    In mid-2018 Katy realized that she just couldn't keep up with the demand of women wanting to work with her. Her solution? Hand-picking a roster of incredible female coaches that could help her bring more women into the fold and help continue to shape the virtual fitness space. In 2019, a roster of coaches started working 1:1 with women in the app during challenges and the results have been undeniable. Katy and her team ensured that every coach was a certified personal trainer, and many have a plethora of certifications. Now, the coaches are able to work with women from any and all backgrounds -- pregnant, postpartum, brand new to training, experienced pros, and everything in between.

    Over the years the roster has continued to expand and our community has become obsessed with the coaching team.

  4. 2024 | Sesh

    In January of 2024, Sesh was officially born. Katy was ready to move the FIT by Katy brand into a new era not so focused on her, but on the incredible community she built over the previous decade.

    We may have a new name, but we're still the same women, coaches, community, and brand you know and love. Our mission remains the same, and the core experience of FIT by Katy has never changed. Sesh will continue to provide the support and expertise you need to transform your mind and body through strength training and nutrition, while finding a new love for yourself along the way. This is your Sesh.

Sustainable Strength Training

Unlike destructive eat less, run more approaches, the Sesh app uses sustainable strength training, macronutrient tracking, and 1:1 communication to help women build lean muscle, properly fuel their bodies, and enjoy their entire health and wellness journey.

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Virtual Fitness Experience

The journey to physical and mental fitness is intimidating, yet necessary, for everyone. Sesh is focused on transforming the virtual fitness experience into an inviting, accessible process for women all over the world.

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Easy-to-Use App

Sesh utilizes its best-in-class mobile app experience to provide easy to follow workout programs, 1:1 coaching, and nutrition guidance needed to transform the bodies and minds of women.

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