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Coach Brianna

NSCA-CPT Certification, PN1, B.S. Exercise Science

Coach Code: BRIANNA

I was a college athlete, and being in good physical shape was expected out of me during the process. Throughout this journey, I learned what made my body feel good and what didn't. I quickly realized I had a passion for working out and optimizing my body. I’ve found that I am my happiest self when I physically feel my best, and I want to help others find that same passion for health and fitness. I want my clients to know that I’m always on their team when they feel like they’re falling short, but my goal is to teach them how to get back up and move forward. I will never ask them to be perfect, I want to encourage bouncing back from slip-ups and maintaining consistency. Teaching lifestyle habits, celebrating small wins, and encouraging change after any downfalls are my goals.