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The Results Speak For Themselves
August 4, 2023

The Results Speak For Themselves


That’s why we wanted to provide you with a round-up of just a small fraction of the transformations we’ve helped create over the years. Read on to see how Sesh has influenced and changed the bodies and minds of countless women.


Brooke won the Sesh Rapid Fire Challenge and showed us all that even a troubling medical diagnosis does not have to stop you from achieving your goals.

Brooke is a perfect example of how sticking to the program (even when you feel like you're stalling) is the best thing to do. She trusted our Sesh Coaches and followed our programming and the results simply speak for themselves. She's continued her journey with us even after this challenge and has continued to see great results!

“I have multiple sclerosis and had recently gained a bunch of weight after a reaction to my last treatment. I felt defeated, discouraged, and a bit lost as to how I would get back to ME. So, I signed up for this challenge and worked with a coach. She was amazing! I hit this 14-day plateau and she was right there to reassure me that I was doing the right thing and told me to trust the process. I gave this challenge 100% and it gave me my life back.”

What can we learn from Brooke?

  • Stick with the programming, even when you feel like it isn’t working
  • Don’t let something out of your control, like a medical diagnosis, completely rule your life
  • Plateaus are fine, and the changes will come if you stay the course
  • Not only do challenges change your body, they’ll change your mind, too

We’re not just here for the fat loss side of women’s health and wellness. We also want to empower you to fully embrace being STRONG in all ways - body and mind. Take it from Taylor O., a runner-up in our Sesh Celebr8 Challenge. Her goal was to find discipline again and start focusing on nutrition in a real way.

By working with Coach Bianca and pushing herself, she was able to achieve an incredible body recomposition result. Her consistency and commitment to following Sesh’s direction is what put her in a position to truly change her body makeup.

“My goal was to show myself how disciplined I could be. Recently, I just felt like I plateaued and wasn't seeing the progress I knew I could achieve. Life had gotten busy and my health and fitness had taken a place on the back burner. I worked with Coach Bianca to get to that next level of fitness I was striving for, and have sustained it!”

What can we learn from Taylor?

  • Health and wellness is about so much more than losing fat
  • Feeling strong and changing your body composition is incredibly powerful and brings so much confidence in all areas of your life
  • Focusing on nutrition is key in tandem with a Sesh program
  • Sustaining your results is just as important as getting them in the first place (that’s why we continually preach sustainable diets and programs)

In fact, it’s a pretty terrible way to measure your progress. Below we’ve highlighted 4 women who had minimal weight changes/scale changes… but the results speak for themselves.

At Sesh, you’ll get sick of hearing about Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s) but you truly cannot understand how not important the scale is until you get into one of our programs and stick with it. We’ll encourage you to take weekly pictures and measurements and can guarantee you’ll have more success if you don’t tie your mental attitude to the scale.

So, we’ll ask you, what matters more? The number on the scale, or the results in actual appearance these ladies achieved?


Seriously. It’s what we take the most pride in at Sesh. Women come to us all the time sick, tired, exhausted, guilt-ridden, ashamed, and desperate for change. What we offer is a complete mindset shift on top of the physical changes. We firmly believe that without the mental change, any physical change you see will not be sustained.

For example, take it from Monica V., our second-place winner from Sesh One Hour Closer. She was stuck in a complete rut and knew that her physical changes would not come without major mental changes too. That’s why she came to Sesh, and even without a coach, she was able to completely transform her mind and body.

“My goal was to leave behind bad habits and insecurities. My body had been begging me for a change because it was at the limit. I felt sick and I needed something that would drive and guide me day by day. I found exactly what I needed: Sesh. Today, I am so happy with everything I have achieved. I can say that in these two months, I have achieved much more than I thought I would be capable of…I love this new version of me.”

What can we learn from Monica?

  • Mental health change is just as important as physical change
  • You don’t need to work with a coach to see massive results – if you’re ready to follow Sesh programming and education, you will achieve the change you’re looking for

By completing 6 Sesh challenges and losing over 40 lbs along the way, Asia has completely transformed her body, mindset, and lifestyle with us. Her journey has inspired us so much that we know it will spark something in you too.

When Asia realized she wanted to make a change, she knew she wanted to choose a plan that would help her transform her lifestyle, not just provide a quick fix. Asia had tried multiple programs before Sesh that were cardio-focused and demanded a major calorie deficit to see results that were difficult to sustain. She was determined to find something that worked while allowing her to create a lifestyle that she enjoyed.

“My initial objective was simple: create sustainable habits that would last past the 8-week challenge. With that in mind, my goals were to complete every workout and track my macros. At the end of the challenge I had accomplished both of these goals and my progress pictures and measurements reflected how well I stuck to them. I’m proud to say that once I started, I never stopped. I have now been using Sesh for over 2 years now and I’m so happy I took the plunge and joined the Sesh Fam!”

“My favorite things about Sesh have been the community of girls each challenge, the coaches, and the Sesh team. I appreciate this program and the people who work hard to deliver it to the masses. I’ve had amazing coaches and I’ve met a lot of amazing women crushing their goals.”

What can we learn from Asia?

  • Real health and wellness is a marathon, not a sprint
  • Relying on your support system is vital to creating sustained change
  • Focusing on strength training, instead of cardio and calorie deficits, is a major contributor to long-term success


In closing, please remember that just joining one of our challenges won't magically get you the results you’re looking for. You also have to follow the protocols and put in the work. These challenges will help you grow toward the best version of yourself, the version you’ve always wanted to see. Use our Sesh tools like check-ins, macro calculator, macro tracking, pictures, 1:1 coaching, etc. to hold yourself accountable.

We know that if you give us your all, we can absolutely create a sustained transformation you’ll be proud of.