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The New Check In Experience From Sesh
March 5, 2023

The New Check In Experience From Sesh


The brand new, completely reimagined Check In Experience from Sesh allows you to take your health and fitness to the next level with features that power your exercise, biofeedback and nutrition tracking ability. Checking in with yourself throughout your fitness journey is an incredibly important part of reaching your goals in the timeframe you want to. We're excited to offer this even better way to ensure you're staying on track throughout your journey with us!

This feature is available to everyone with the Sesh app. Below we’re highlighting a few of the new functionality that makes this feature so powerful for our Sesh Fam.

TL;DR? Check out this video, and then just go start playing around in the app!

Make sure your Sesh app is up to date with the newest release and ensure you have "hard closed" your app and re-open it. To hard close an app:

  1. From the Home Screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle of the screen.
  2. Swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close.
  3. Swipe up on the app's preview to close the app.


Taking progress photos, tracking your macros, noting physical differences in your appearance (non scale victories!), recording your reps and sets, etc. will not only help you to achieve your goals faster, but it will also keep you motivated along the way.

Multiple studies have proven that consciously tracking your fitness journey leads to a multitude of positive outcomes.

  • Makes it more likely to reach and surpass your goal in the timeframe you desire
  • Allows you to be more efficient when planning your workouts and nutrition
  • Increases accountability to yourself and your goals
  • Allows for modifications and shows when and where changes need to be made
  • Recalling your WHY and tracking your NSVs can be incredibly motivating on the days you are lacking energy
  • Helps to drive the focus and direction of your programming - you'll know what actually does, and doesn't, work for your body
  • Keeps you committed to your plan for longer



At Sesh one of the most powerful tools we've found is encouraging our clients to really spend time thinking about their goals, and the reason why they are finally ready to make a change, permanently.

With this feature, you will be able to remind yourself of the real reason why you started this journey, and then come back to it when you feel like falling off.

Your individual why will surface at the top of every day's check in, and you are able to adjust it or edit it at any time. To get started, just click the “What’s My Why” area.


Track your scale weight on a daily, or weekly basis down to a tenth of a pound. While we never recommend using your scale weight as your only data point, many of our Sesh Fam find it important to track their weight over time.

If you have a bad relationship with the scale, you can now skip this section completely and still complete a check in! Just skip down to the weekly photos and NSVs as a much better way to track your progress.

All of your data in check-ins will save over time, and you can go back and review the changes at any time.


The bread-and-butter of all things Sesh. Here’s where you’ll really be able to see your progress taking shape over time.

You’re now able to add front, back and side photos on a weekly basis. You can edit your weekly photos at any time throughout the week, but they will reset each week on Saturday nights at 11:59p EST. You’ll start with a fresh set of weekly photos on Sunday!


Feel like your photos are looking a little more puffy than normal this week? Now you’re able to track when you are on your period to correlate some of that biofeedback into what you’re seeing.

It’s as easy as toggling on the button when you’re on your period, and toggling it off when you’re not!


Our brand new macro-tracking feature is a simple and effective way to ensure you stay on track with your nutrition goals. We pre-populate your Sesh macro-calculated targets into your check in experience and you're able to go in daily to set what you actually ate that day to keep track.

The feature will tell you if you are in-range, under or over your macro goals and provides a quick snapshot of how well you're sticking to your targets on a regular basis!

This will be especially helpful if you have a Sesh Coach as they'll be able to dig even deeper into what's happening with your nutrition. You can send them your macro actuals every day in the check in, or just once per week with your weekly average macros.

Don't have a coach? Use this feature as a way to hold yourself accountable -- even just making sure you track each day can really be a great tool to hold yourself to reality. Don't cheat! It's important to know how often you are going over, or under, your goals.


You can utilize this feature to track not only the minutes performed, but the type of cardio performed as well! Before you get it twisted, we know you've been conditioned to think you need hours of cardio to lose weight, but it's just not the case. More cardio isn’t always better. Overdoing cardio can cause inflammation, slow recovery times, and makes lean muscle gain and retention more difficult. Read more about our cardio philosophy here.

That said, we still encourage tracking the cardio you complete! At Sesh we recommend around 20 minutes, 3 times per week as a starting point because even though cardio is great to increase your energy expenditure (burn some calories), that’s not what we’re using it for. We’re using cardio to keep your heart healthy, and putting parameters on the amount you’re doing is going to make sure that you’re not overtraining and hindering your progress.


Never forget the workout you did each week ever again! Now, when you mark a Sesh workout complete in the app, it will automatically populate for you here. We’ll keep track of each day’s workouts so you don’t have to. Making an already easy-to-follow program even easier.


We know by now that having a consistent workout routine makes us feel good on the outside and gives us a boost of confidence in our appearance, but what about what it does for us on the inside?

We typically highlight all of the amazing benefits of working out from a physical aspect, but enough light doesn't get shed on what it does for us on the inside. Yes, we love a physical glow up, but ya know what we love even more? A mental glow up!

The Non Scale Victories section of the new check in experience is where you should be tracking these wins. We cannot stress enough how important tracking NSVs is! You’ll be able to hold yourself accountable on the days where the scale isn’t moving or the pictures aren’t showing you what you want.

Here are just a few NSVs we’ve seen from our Sesh Fam over the years to get you inspired on what to look for in your journey:

  • I have more endurance during your workouts! I’ve noticed I’m not breathing as heavy during my runs.
  • I went to a social event without makeup because I just felt THAT confident.
  • I feel more rested when I wake up in the morning.
  • I notice my stress levels have reduced, and I know of better ways to handle stressful situations now.
  • I have the energy to take my dog for more than 1 walk a day.
  • I’m in a better mood when I wake up and don’t get as irritated!
  • I’m sleeping so much better

You can fill out your NSV in this section of the Check In Experience at any time.


Here’s where you can really dive deep into your fitness journey. Think of this as your permanent journal in the Sesh app. This is a completely free-form feature that you can make your own. Here are some items we recommend tracking on a regular basis to ensure you’re staying in-tune with your fitness and health journey.

  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Stress Levels
  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Water Intake
  • Anything else you think is relevant to your journey


If you are in an active Sesh Challenge and have a coach, this is where you will communicate with them! In the notes section, you’ll be able to add up to 3,500 characters per check-in on a daily basis and they’ll review it all before your Coach Response Day each week. When they reply, you’ll still find those in the Progress tab.

They also will be able to see all of the other data you enter in the check in. So, no need to re-tell them what your macros were on a day, or your NSV, or weight – they’ve got it all already as long as you entered it!

Wondering if this changes anything else? Nope! You can still check in every day, or once a week, or anything in between - whatever works for your schedule. Your coach will still always respond to you on your Coach Response Day, so just make sure whatever info you want them to see is in a check in before that day. Easy!


Continually hold yourself accountable by checking in at least once per week to increase your streaks!

Studies show that the more you track your journey, the more consistent you will be over time. We added this feature to motivate you to check in regularly which will lead to faster success over time.

Check in one time per week to get to bronze status, twice to move to silver, and three times or more to hit gold! Your “week streak” will add up as long as you check in 1x per week.


  1. Download the Sesh app
  2. Navigate to the middle button at the bottom of your screen
  3. Start building your check in
  4. Submit each section individually - you can edit any time
  5. Watch your streaks (and progress) stack up