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June 5, 2024



Tackling your fitness journey can be both exciting and challenging. We’re big fans of using technology to make it just a little easier to stay on track. There are countless apps that can support you every step of the way. We’re obviously pretty partial to ours for your fitness plans, virtual coaching and nutrition guidance, but we also have other apps that we love for what they do, too!

Check out these 5 companion apps that offer valuable tools, resources, and insights to help them succeed.

1. MacrosFirst: Master Your Nutrition

Nutrition is a cornerstone of any successful fitness journey, and Macros First is the ultimate tool to help you dial in your dietary habits. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or simply maintaining a balanced diet, this app takes the guesswork out of counting macros. With its user-friendly interface and extensive food database, tracking your macronutrient intake has never been easier.

If you’re just getting started with MacrosFirst, use our promo code SESH50MF for 50% off an annual premium subscription! Go here to learn more.

2. Cronometer: Track Your Progress with Precision

Monitoring your nutrient intake goes beyond just macros, and that's where Cronometer shines. This comprehensive app allows you to track not only macros but also micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals to ensure you're meeting your nutritional needs. If you’re a bit more advanced and ready to take your nutrition to the next level, Cronomoter provides detailed insights and analysis to help you stay on track and make informed decisions about your diet.

Sign up with this link and save 10% on gold subscriptions.

3. Withings: Seamless Integration for Total Wellness

Maintaining overall wellness goes beyond just diet and exercise, and Withings is the perfect companion for holistic health tracking. From activity tracking and sleep monitoring to weight management and heart health, Withings offers a range of connected devices and apps to help you stay in tune with your body. With its seamless integration with Amazon, you can easily access and purchase Withings products to enhance your wellness journey and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

We recommend starting with their smart scale, and then utilizing the app from there!

4. Flo: Empowering Women's Health

For women, understanding and tracking menstrual cycles is crucial not only for reproductive health but also for optimizing fitness and performance. Flo is a leading period tracking app that goes beyond just predicting your cycle. It offers personalized insights, health tips, and community support to help you navigate your menstrual cycle with ease. By understanding how your hormones fluctuate throughout the month, you can tailor your fitness routine and nutrition plan to maximize results and minimize discomfort.

You can try Flo for just $1 for 30 days! Use this link to get started.

5. Yuka: Make Informed Choices for Better Health

When it comes to making healthy choices, knowledge is power, and Yuka empowers you to make informed decisions about the products you consume. Simply scan barcodes or search for products to access detailed information about their nutritional value, ingredients, and potential health impacts. With Yuka's comprehensive database and easy-to-understand ratings, you can confidently choose products that align with your health and fitness goals, whether you're grocery shopping or dining out.

Yuka has a pay-want-you-want premium pricing feature if the free version isn’t enough for you!

Utilize Technology for Optimizing Your Health

These five apps are great options for women looking to prioritize their health and fitness goals. From tracking macros and micronutrients to monitoring menstrual cycles and making informed product choices, these apps offer valuable support and guidance every step of the way. By harnessing the power of technology, you can take control of your wellness journey and achieve with confidence and ease.