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Coach Shae

NASM CPT & CNC, PN1, Pre + Postnatal Certified, Gut Health Specialist

Coach Code: SHAE

Here to inspire you to feel your healthiest self and eat a cookie too! Health and fitness is my passion along with living a balanced lifestyle.

My health and fitness specialties are all things nutrition. I love to challenge my clients with better quality of food and focusing on what they put into their body. I specialize in pregnant and postpartum mamas and am also a gut health nutrition specialist, working with you to figure out how foods can help you feel your best. Big nutrition guru here!

I also connect well with previous low-carb dieters and people who are recovering from dieting for long periods of time. I myself have suffered through binge eating disorder and went on restrictive diets before starting my -70lb weight loss journey.

I will never ask you to restrict foods, skip rest and recovery, or track foods for the rest of your life. The goal is intuitive eating and learning along the way!