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You Need to be More Boring
June 12, 2024

You Need to be More Boring

Sorry, but it is so true. Being boring just simply works. But why?


Ever find yourself doing a boot camp class this week, hot yoga the next, training for a mini the week after that? Yeah…us too. And that’s A-OKAY if you’re comfortable with your current physique and mental health! If you’re not, it's time to get boring with us.

Repeating workouts is critical to sculpting the physique you want. Really, no matter your goal, strength training repeatedly will get you there faster and more effectively than any other option. If you're serious about sculpting your physique, it's time to get comfortable with repetition. Repeating workouts is not only okay but essential for progress. Why? Enter the principle of progressive overload.

Progressive overload is the gradual increase of stress placed upon the body during exercise and is the secret sauce to achieving your fitness goals efficiently. Whether your aim is to lose fat, build muscle, improve endurance, or just increase your overall fitness, consistent strength training is your golden ticket.


We know we know we know…BUT eating the same things doesn’t mean you’re eating chicken and rice day in and day out. Not at all! You can eat the exact same things every week that you LOVE and fit them into your macro targets with us. That’s literally the beauty of macros. With macro tracking, you have the flexibility to enjoy your favorite foods while staying within your nutritional targets. The key is consistency. By sticking to a familiar meal plan that aligns with your macros, you reduce your mental load and pave the way for progress. Remember, it's about finding what works for you and sticking to it.


Inconsistent sleep patterns can wreak havoc on your energy levels and mood, hindering your fitness journey. Say goodbye to the rollercoaster of energy swings by committing to a consistent sleep schedule.

Here’s a schedule many of our clients come to us with:

  • I’m up at 5am on Mondays and in the gym first thing!
  • Oops I fell asleep on the couch last night because I was so tired, then I woke up late around 730am on Tuesday
  • I felt so sluggish today so I got my workout in much later than normal. I was jazzed after that and stayed up way too late…maybe I was asleep at 1?
  • Wednesday I’m back on track! I was up at 6am, got my workout in and went to bed at 10.
  • I’m up at 5 today! Workout is done and on the way to work.
  • Work was exhausting I’m going to bed at 8 tonight.
  • Hellooooooo weekend I’m sleeping til at least 930 on Saturday!
  • Oops I didn’t get to sleep after dinner last night until 11pm – but I have a yoga class scheduled for 7 so I’ll be up!
  • OK I made it to the 7am class but I’m dragging. I’ll try to get to bed early tonight.

Annnnddddd….the next week repeats the same. Look, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this as the client is technically getting sleep and getting their workouts in. But, when you dig a little deeper the client is having large swings in energy and mood on a very regular basis which can be directly correlated to their sleep habits.

Go to bed at the same time, get 7-9 hours of sleep, and wake up at the same time (even on the weekends!) It will be hard in the beginning, but we promise it’s worth it.


Beyond workouts and nutrition, embracing simplicity and consistency in daily habits can amplify your fitness results. Consider incorporating the following "boring" habits into your routine:

  • Fill up the same oversized water bottle every single day, and drink it every single day. Become the emotional-support-water-bottle-girl.
  • Drink your LMNT.
  • Start every day with 10 minutes of movement – walking, stretching, jumping – just do it and do it every day.
  • Lay your workout clothes (and tennis shoes!) out the night before.
  • Journal (with this journal) every day – morning or night – just make it a habit.
  • Drink mocktails.
  • Add a veggie to every meal. Eat a bell pepper like an apple, chomp into a cucumber whole, and put broccoli sprouts on everything. Any way you can get it in, do it.
  • Take the stairs.
  • A protein shake a day makes your macros easier. Throw a cafe latte or caramel protein shake in your morning coffee. Delicious and starts your day off full.
  • Park in the furthest parking spot.

In a world filled with flashy fitness trends and quick-fix solutions, it's easy to overlook the power of simplicity and consistency. However, by embracing "boring" habits and routines, you set yourself up for long-term success in your fitness journey. Remember, progress is achieved not through complexity but through steadfast dedication to the basics. So, dare to be boring, and watch as your results begin to stack up faster than you could ever imagine.