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Why Nutrient Timing Matters
June 10, 2021

Why Nutrient Timing Matters

We’ve all heard it before: abs are made in the kitchen. Which means, what you put in your body has a direct impact on your training. But did you know that timing has just as much of an impact? It’s true! Whether you’re trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or just improve your performance during your workouts, timing can play a big role in hitting your goals.

To break it down, carbohydrates are what gives us the fuel to kill it during a sweat sesh. Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not evil! They’re essential to giving your body the energy it needs to perform at its best. Protein is the main nutrient for building muscle and helping with recovery. Plus, it’s the most filling macronutrient, helping you to stay satisfied longer. Less snacking, anyone? Don’t skimp on one or the other! Both are crucial to helping you hit your goals and see results.


The Anabolic Window, also known as the “Window of Opportunity”, is the idea that maximum muscle growth happens when you have a protein and carb filled meal within 30 minutes after a workout. During that time, your muscles are primed to take in the most of the macronutrient that it possibly can.

We get it, it can be hard to get a nutrient rich meal in right after a workout. Research shows that even if you can’t eat a meal in that timeframe, you’ll still get the benefits of the Anabolic Window when y_ou get_ a meal around the time of the workout. So even if you have some errands to run after a workout, you’re not going to lose any benefits of a great meal once you get home.


Like to fuel up before a workout? A pre-workout meal can also greatly impact your performance and results. A well balanced, digestible meal 60-150 minutes before a workout can really give you the extra boost you need to perform at your best. Some supplements, like caffeine, are time sensitive and should only be taken prior to a workout for best results. Hydration is also key to a killer workout. Most people are dehydrated before hitting the gym, so aim to drink at least 12-16 oz of water and electrolytes before a workout.


Being strategic in when you eat before or after a workout can greatly affect the way your body absorbs the nutrients needed for performance and recovery. Whether you like to have an Alani Nu protein shake right after a workout, or prefer to fuel up pre-gym, doing what feels best for your body is always the right answer. When it comes to timing, always listen to your body.