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The Secret to Getting in Shape and Staying There is Not the Fitness Plan You're Following
July 3, 2024

The Secret to Getting in Shape and Staying There is Not the Fitness Plan You're Following


did we just say that?

Kinda strange that a fitness app would make such a bold claim, but after 10+ years of helping transform the lives of 400,000+ women…we’ve learned a thing or two about what helps women get in shape, and stay there for the long run.

Yes, the fitness plan is important.

In fact, strength training, especially for women, is absolutely essential. Just do a quick Google search of "strength training benefits for women". See the thousands of peer-reviewed articles? See the thousands of quotes from physicians? They all say the same thing: strength training for women is far and away the most important physical activity you can do.

Cool, that’s covered. And we have 55+ programs for you to choose from. Great!

But, what happens when it’s week 4 of one of our plans and you’re going on vacation? What happens when you forget your meal prep at home and your friends want to hit happy hour? What happens when the baby was up half the night with a cough?

You fall off.

We all do.

And then you repeat that cycle again, and again, and again.

That’s why we do things differently here.

We want this to be the last time you “get in shape”. Not only are you joining a community filled with support, but we also provide a free handbook and nutrition guide with every single program. By actually learning about your body and mind you will understand how to get fit one last time, and stay there.

Our handbook covers everything from why strength training is so important, to what a macro-friendly day of eating looks like to guidance on topics like recovery, sleep, hydration, and more. This will help you make informed decisions about your fitness journey and get the most out of the app for a full-lifestyle approach to wellness.

Then, after you learn everything you need to know about your body + mind in the handbook, we make it even easier to achieve your fitness goals by providing a free comprehensive nutrition guide. This guide includes things like macro-tracking strategies, electrolyte recommendations, how macros can create consistency, 30-35+ recipes, macro-friendly snacks, and fast food…and even more! We’re hoping that by providing the essential knowledge you need to understand how to fuel your body optimally you’ll have increased energy and better, more sustainable, results.

What are some of the most important sections in our guides?


Learn to listen to your body and understand that increasing workouts can sometimes be counterproductive to your goals. Inflammation, hormone levels, and individual biological differences all impact your unique need for rest and recovery.


Learn why more is not better. Especially for women. Increasing your cardio is not the answer to fat loss, to building muscle, or to longevity. It’s great for heart health and you’ll read our recommendation on weekly cardio activity in the handbook.


Learn how to see beyond the number on the scale. Some of our biggest transformations (that you’ll see visually in the handbook) are changes of less than 5 pounds on the scale. Body recomposition and other NSVs are SO much more important than that number, we promise.


Learn how to hack your macro goals. Simple swaps, what you should always have on hand, how to grocery shop, and so much more. We even give you example days of eating and macro-friendly recipes galore!


Learn everything you need to know about the app and how to get the most out of it. Then, move into how to get the most out of your workout sesh itself – things like time under tension, mind-to-muscle connection and why rest times matter.

Start with these sections first, and then start using the app to really track how you’re progressing. Not how your scale weight is progressing, but how your mind, energy, and strength is progressing.

After a couple of weeks following our fitness + nutrition plan, ask yourself questions like:

  • Is it easier to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Has my overall mood changed?
  • What cravings do I have?
  • Where are my stress and anxiety levels?
  • Do I enjoy my life? More or less?
  • How do I feel about myself right now?
  • How has this impacted my family?

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your answers to those questions.

If you’re ready to start, download the app and choose the path that makes sense to you!

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