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The Best Cardio Workout For Your Zodiac Sign
October 7, 2021

The Best Cardio Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

We’re all drawn to certain types of workouts, but have you ever thought about why? If you want to stick to a cardio routine, choosing a workout that fits with your zodiac sign may be a fun way to make that change. Working out with your personality in mind is a great way to keep yourself engaged and excited to hit the gym. Let the stars guide you to your new favorite workout based on your astrology sign.


You’re known for your passionate and sometimes competitive nature. Feed that need for competition with a spin class that tracks your metrics. Keep an eye on your progress and try and beat the person next to you at the same time!


You have a relaxed nature and love connecting to the earth by being outdoors. Try an outdoor bootcamp that will not only push you physically, but will also energize your soul by being out in nature. Bonus points if you do it with the rising sun!


You’re an intellectual alert thinker but can tend to overthink things sometimes. Get out of your head with a pilates class. The focus on your breath and timing movements to it will help you to clear your mind and feel your best.


Crabs are drawn to the water, which is why water aerobics or some laps in the pool are a great way to get your body moving. As a sensitive nurturer, this workout will help you to zone out and connect with yourself.


You are the life of the party and love to express yourself. Zumba or a dance cardio class is the workout for you! Get ready to sweat and sing along with these choreographed classes that will have you feeling like Britney.


You’re all about discipline and precision. Find your inner-ballerina and go for an efficient barre class that will tone all over. Don’t let the small movements fool you, you’ll work up a burn like you wouldn’t believe!


Libras love balance and making things seem effortless. Try a bosu class where you not only test your balance skills, but you’ll engage your core for a serious ab workout. You’ll love the challenge too!


You’re known for your intensity and passion, and exercise is no exception. Take it to the pavement with an outdoor run to remind yourself that you’re the boss. Use our latest #Sesh playlist to really get your body moving!


You’re known as the most athletic of all the signs (snaps for you!) and are the ultimate multi-tasker. Get sweaty with a boxing class that will challenge your coordination and physical limits. Total knockout!


You’re dependable, strategic, and always in it for the long haul. Take that determination climbing! Whether you're scaling indoor walls or outdoor rocks, you’re sure to find satisfaction in making it to the top.


You’re a pro at keeping your unique identity in a group setting. A rebel at heart, you’ll find excitement and challenge with CrossFit. You’ll be able to enjoy a group setting while still making a workout that’s your own.


You’re the person that everyone wants to be around, but sometimes you can take on everyone else’s emotions. Take some time to decompress with a hot yoga class. Not only will you clear your mind and focus on your breath, but you’ll work up a serious sweat too!