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Spring Obseshons
April 23, 2024

Spring Obseshons


Team Sesh is gearing up for a spring refresh, and guess what? We’re all about sharing the wealth here – no gatekeeping allowed! Here are our team's current obseshons, guaranteed to bring renewed energy to your springtime routine.

AMAZON OBSESHON: CRZ Yoga Pants - An Affordable, Squat Proof Gym Pant

The eternal quest for the perfect leggings ends here! Why are we constantly breaking the bank for yet another pair of black leggings? Well, that’s because we hadn’t hopped on this trending brand on Amazon. These CRZ Yoga Pants are not just good; they’re downright i n c r e d i b l e. Trust us; they stand the test of time like no other and will have you saving dollars and feeling secure in your squat-game for years to come.

PROGRAM OBSESHON: Fit in 30 Program - A Whenever-Wherever 30-Minute Fitness Plan

Maybe you’re looking to get into fitness again, or maybe you’re just trying to stick to a routine during these busy months. Honestly, us too. That’s why we’ve got you covered with our latest offering – the Fit in 30 program. Whether you’re exploring the globe or just hanging at home, these intense, effective sessions will sculpt your body and uplift your mood in 30 minutes or less.

SELF-CARE OBSESHON: This Journal - Unlock Your Full Wellness Potential

Still not on the daily journal train? It’s time to hop on because trust us, it’s a game-changer. Our current crush? This Wellness Journal, designed to elevate your self-care game. Dive into the 'meals that nourish me' section and witness how seamlessly it intertwines your physical training with mental well-being.

HOME GEAR OBSESSION: The Coba Board - Give a Massive Gift to Your Glutes

Introducing the Coba Board – your ticket to ramping up the intensity of your lower body workouts without breaking the bank. Bid adieu to pricey dumbbells and barbell systems; this board, coupled with our resistance band kit, spells out a holistic home fitness solution that's bound to help you stick to your plan and leave you craving more. (PSST: Use COBASESH to get free shipping at the link above!)

ACTIVITY OBSESSION: DIY Dreamin’ - Unleash Your Creative Juices

There’s something undeniably empowering about conjuring something out of thin air. The Sesh Team has been obseshed with diving into DIY hobbies as the season turns. Whether it’s mastering the art of sourdough baking (Kate, our Director of Growth), honing your needlepoint skills (Hilary, our VP Brand Strategy), or nurturing your very own herb garden (Mary, our CRM Manager), the possibilities are endless. Embrace the joy of creation with us!


Yeah you already knew that right? Our greatest obseshon is none other than Y-O-U! We thrive on seeing your fitness journey unfold and nothing brings us more joy than being tagged on Instagram and seeing you crush your goals. You are the heartbeat of our community and the driving force behind our passion. Tag us during your next sweat sesh! Who knows? You might just find yourself featured in our next spotlight!