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New Sesh Challenge Prizes
May 19, 2024

New Sesh Challenge Prizes

Your chances of winning just went up! We’re changing how challenge prizes work.

For over a decade, Sesh has been hosting fitness challenges and inspiring hundreds of thousands of women to become happier, healthier, and stronger, together. While we've constantly evolved, our winners' selection process has remained largely unchanged—until now!

We're thrilled to announce a new, clearer, and more rewarding way for you to win.

Why the change?

At Sesh, we’re more than just an app; we’re a female-focused fitness community dedicated to helping women of all backgrounds reach their goals.

We also believe the fun and motivation from a little friendly competition can enhance your fitness journey. Our new prize structure is designed to better spotlight the incredible transformations our members achieve.

The challenges we host are not weight loss challenges or bodybuilding competitions. We have women who join from all different starting points and we’re continuing these challenges to support, motivate and encourage each and every one of you.

We want to be able to highlight and celebrate the woman who lost 6 inches, as well as the women who got that bicep definition she's been after. We want everyone who joins our challenges to feel like they can get into the top 5 transformations no matter where they start.

New Prizes, New Opportunities

Starting with the 2024 Summer Challenge, here’s what you can expect from prizes:

  • 5 Top Transformations Each winner will receive $500 and free entry into the next challenge.
  • 5 Runners-Up Winners will choose their favorite Sesh merchandise and gain free entry into the next challenge.

Both the top transformations, and runners-up, will be featured on our social media accounts should they choose to be.

How Winners Are Chosen

We will be selecting winners based on overall visual transformation over the 8-week challenge. We are not choosing based on one metric like fat loss, or muscle build or most workouts completed. We are choosing the best transformations that happened in the 8 weeks and putting them in a group that are the “best” and a group that are “runners up” with no actual 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

This isn't about who lost the most weight or built the most muscle; it's about celebrating the most inspiring changes, regardless of where you started.

There’s no ranking—just a celebration of the best transformations and runners-up.

What Does This Mean for You?

This change means more opportunities for everyone, no matter your starting point.

Whether you’ve dropped inches or gained that muscle definition you’ve been aiming for, you could be one of our top transformations.

Participation Rules

The rules are simple and remain the same:

  • Week 1 and Week 8 Photos: Submit photos with a challenge-specific sign (handwritten or provided in the handbook) within the first and last weeks of the challenge.
  • Poses and Clothing: Follow the poses outlined in the handbook and ensure your clothing is consistent and unaltered across your photos.

Tips for Success Our other tips and tricks are all about the progress photo you take. These are obviously VERY important to being selected as one of our best transformations. Here is what we take into account:

  • Week 1 or Week 8 sign must be visible and must be either handwritten, or the one we provide in the handbook
  • The background should be neutral and clutter-free
  • You should follow the poses outlined in the handbook (front, side and back) as closely as possible
  • Your clothing should be the same Week 1 and Week 8, or very close
  • Your clothing should NOT be altered in any way (example: pulling up your underwear or tightening/loosening garments to make them fit differently)
  • Our best recommendation for what to wear in progress photos is a two-piece swimsuit/bikini
  • You must submit them on time, meaning Week 1 photos in Week 1 and Week 8 photos in Week 8 (these will always be Sundays 12:01a EST - Saturdays 11:59p EST)

We Want to Hear From You!

Your feedback has driven this exciting change. We’re committed to continuing to evolve in ways that best support our amazing community. Have questions or concerns? Email us at support@seshfitnessapp.com—we’d love to help!

Let's make the 2024 Summer Challenge our best one yet. Ready to transform and shine? Let’s go!