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Introducing Sesh
December 7, 2023

Introducing Sesh

FIT by Katy is now Sesh! To experience the new app, make sure you update through the app store!

That’s right friends, our new name is Sesh, as in “did you get your workout sesh in today?!”. Officially, we’re Sesh Fitness App but we’re still the same brand, app and people you know and love, just with a fresh face!

The business that started Katy’s multi-billion dollar empire,FIT by Katy, just had our biggest evolution yet. With the new brand, Sesh, Katy is looking to push the business beyond her, and focus on the 450K+ women whose lives she and the app have helped change over the last decade.

We’re still the virtual fitness and personal training app that launches 8-week challenges, but now we’re taking our industry-leading programming and nutritional support to a more community-centered space.

Launched in 2015, the FIT by Katy app was Katy’s first entrepreneurial venture and allowed her to share her expertise with her community of social media followers. Since then, the app has grown exponentially thanks to our unique, one-on-one virtual coaching and highly-engaged FIT Fam who offer each other accountability, support and guidance. Katy did a great job building and fostering the growth of a proven system - adding more coaches as we grew - that leads to longer-term, sustainable results, unlike what you’ll see from the vast majority of fitness brands you come across today.

Sesh is infinitely more than your run-of-the-mill fitness app. It’s one of the only female-founded, female-focused and female-run fitness technology companies in the world. The Sesh Team shuns the destructive “eat less, run more” approach for one that focuses on sustainable strength training, macronutrient tracking and 1:1 communication to help women build lean muscle, properly fuel their bodies and enjoy their fitness journey.

In rebranding to Sesh, Katy is putting the emphasis back on the community and the workout sessions they do every day, giving a sense of ownership back to the women who have been with her since day one.

“It was always my goal to create something that provides women with the benefits of personal training - the personal connection, the one-on-one coaching, the nutritional support - but on their own time, when and where it works for them.” said Founder Katy Hearn.

“Plus, the community we built at FIT by Katy is so much bigger than just me now and so I knew it was time for a new name and brand that reflected that. Sesh was born out of the mantra we’ve preached for years: get one hour closer to your goals. Just get one (workout) sesh closer each and every day.”

The rebrand is just the start of the evolution of FIT by Katy. We are focused on developing wholly-owned AI functionality that will further expand our coaching capabilities and enable us to reach more women who are looking for a solution to their health, both physically and mentally.

In addition to our 8-week challenges, we currently offer two tiers of monthly memberships: basic and premium.

  • Basic ($4.99/mo.): includes access to an on-demand workout generator where you can get a home or gym workout sesh targeted to body part splits with the tap of a button, our proprietary macro calculator, our one-of-a-kind check-in feature, and more!
  • Premium ($18.99/mo): in addition to the Basic plan features, Premium includes access to 50+ fitness programs, weight and rep tracking, private community, and more!

“FIT by Katy set itself apart by creating an online fitness community for women, by women. By following our core mission - providing custom training expertise, a wealth of nutritional guidance, physical and mental challenges and a community who can all get healthier, happier and stronger together - we helped more than 450,000 women reach their fitness goals,” said Kate Stinson, Head of Growth & Partnerships.

“With Sesh, we remain committed to what makes us so unique while looking to expand further into authentic brand partnerships, build out even more robust programming and focus on being the standard in female-focused fitness technology.”

Thank you to everyone who has been in our FIT Fam for the past decade, and we’re so excited to welcome you into our brand new Sesh Fam. Let’s do it!