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How To Track Alcohol
October 25, 2021

How To Track Alcohol


Not all alcohol is created equal! When you’re choosing to drink, the type of beverage you pick is vital. Go for clear liquors over dark, they generally have fewer calories and added sugars. When it comes to mixers, opt for club soda or a 0 calorie mixer. Be careful with juices, as they can contain a lot of sugar (hello, hangover!). Instead, get a slice of fruit to squeeze into your drink for a little more flavor.

Drinks like these can be low calorie, and low hangover!

  • Vodka water with lemon + lime
  • Mojito, skip the syrup!
  • Tequila soda water (don’t knock it til you try it!)
  • Gin and diet tonic
  • Paloma, sans sugar (just tequila, lime juice + grapefruit juice over ice)
  • Dry, extra-brut champagne
  • Hot Toddies! Perfect for the Fall and Winter months
  • Classic Martini, and keep the olives for those heart-healthy fats

Here are the major additives to avoid when mixing that drink up this weekend:

  • Simple syrups
  • Any added sugars
  • Fruit juices
  • Pre-made mixes, like for margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas
  • Salt of any kind
  • Bacon, shrimp, or any of those other crazy bloody-mary toppers
  • Maraschino cherries
  • Any other canned fruits covered in syrup

More of a wine person? Try to stay away from sweeter wines or hard seltzers and choose a dry, white wine over a red one. If you like beer, light beer is always the best choice.


When you’re going out or having a drink, set a limit for how many you want to consume and stick with it. Then, pre-track what you’re having in MacrosFirst so you know how to fit it into your day. You’ll be proud of yourself for hitting a goal while also staying right on track. Sesh is all about creating a lifestyle change that is sustainable for the long term. A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be about restriction, it should be about reaching your goals while enjoying foods and drinks that you love in moderation. Plus, it makes you appreciate them that much more!


There are more negative impacts than good when it comes to drinking excessively and fitness. Alcohol dehydrates the body substantially. Combine that with a hard workout the next day and it’s a recipe for disaster. Even if you’re drinking your regular amount of water after a long night out, you’ll still have to make up for the loss of water your cocktails created.

Overdoing it on the alcohol can also affect your Zzz’s, keeping you from getting a quality night’s sleep. In turn, a workout the day after drinking can lead to a pretty crummy gym session.

In addition to the performance inhibiting side of alcohol, it can also contribute to weight gain. “Burning it off” in the gym isn’t a sustainable mindset to have. Instead, focus on moderation and balance.


It’s time to stretch those chemistry muscles, and do a little math too! Don’t worry, the math is pretty simple and won’t be anything like calculus class. Here’s how it works:

You can now track your drink like this:

  • 105 Cals
  • 5.8g Fat
  • 13.1g Carbs
  • 0g Protein

While excess amounts of alcohol will probably hinder your progress (and definitely won’t leave you feeling your best), you can absolutely enjoy it in moderation while reaching your goals. Be sure to plan ahead, track your alcohol intake, and don’t sweat having a night where you enjoy yourself and time with your besties. Cheers!