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How Kristi-lee Transformed Her Mind And Body In 8 Weeks
June 24, 2021

How Kristi-lee Transformed Her Mind And Body In 8 Weeks

In January of 2020, Kristi-Lee was “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” and decided she was ready to make a change. Since then, she’s completed six 8-week strength-training challenges, lost 25 pounds, and changed her mentality towards health & wellness. After one full year of getting after her goals with Sesh, she says her lifestyle has completely transformed and she's now one of those “crazy 4am workout people,” as she used to call them.

After trying several different programs, Kristi-Lee was able to stick with Sesh challenges for the long haul and says nothing else compared. “The app is simple. There’s no additional tabs to jump on, then jump off, and log here or there. It’s a seamless one-stop shop. It also provides a video clip for me to watch for proper form. This feature is SO helpful, especially in the beginning when I was embarrassed to go to the gym and was worried I’d be seen using a machine improperly. I also am able to talk to my coach strictly on the app and the macros to track are right there too.”

Initially, her goal was to be skinny, “toned,” and hit a specific number on the scale. However, after completing several challenges and working with the Sesh coaches, her mentality shifted: “Along with the help of my Coach, Kelsea, completing multiple challenges helped me realize that it was deeper than being skinny. I broke through mental barriers and learned that NSVs (non-scale victories) were just as important! I was no longer focused on simply hitting that certain number on the scale that I was initially set on achieving. I really found my ‘why’ during these challenges.”

But reaching this mentality was a challenge on it’s own. “The most challenging aspect I faced on this fitness journey was my negative relationship with food and also letting the scale dictate my happiness. I overcame this by Coach Kelsea listening to me every time I checked in. We swapped macro counting with intuitive eating. That is what I love about this program. It is not a “one size fits all.” Coaches are really there to help customize your game plan so that you can achieve your goals.”

"Just because you have one flat tire doesn’t mean that you go and pop the other three. You repair the flat one and continue on with your journey!"

Working with a coach also helped Kristi-Lee discover the goals she really wanted to chase. “I finally realized that it was never just about being skinny. It was about finding my happiness and finding my why on this fitness journey. There are definitely days where I still struggle with body image. I manage it by reminding myself that I am not the only person going through this and I have the Sesh Fam to lean on. These feelings are okay and normal to have but it’s so important that you don’t dwell on them and give up because you’ve come too far to throw in the towel. For example, just because you have one flat tire doesn’t mean that you go and pop the other three. You repair the flat one and continue on with your journey!”

We know that continuing with your fitness journey can be difficult at times, that’s why Kristi-Lee says finding her ‘why’ and sticking to it was key for success. “I read something that Katy and Haydn posted once: when motivation leaves, let discipline takeover. And it’s so true, we aren’t always going to be motivated, so we have to stay disciplined. Ever since I read that, I ran with it! On the days that I don’t want to get up and get it done I remind myself of my ‘why’ and I make the time to continue getting after my goals.”

In addition to focusing on staying disciplined, Kristi-Lee found endless support through the Sesh community with thousands of like-minded women. “Once a Sesh Fam member ALWAYS a Sesh Fam member! No matter if I’m not doing a challenge because I decide to skip it or I decide to move on, (because nothing grows in your comfort zone) I will ALWAYS rep Sesh. It’s where my life changed! It’s where everything started and I am so humbled by this life-changing experience and this incredibly supportive community. If there is a woman out there that wants to join an 8-week challenge but hasn’t fully committed I would tell her that the best investment you could ever make is in yourself! You’ll never look back and say ‘I regret investing in something that benefits me!’ You have nothing to lose but inches and lbs and everything to gain like happiness, friendships, confidence, strength....The list goes on!”