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How Brandee Overhauled Her Lifestyle With Sesh
September 23, 2021

How Brandee Overhauled Her Lifestyle With Sesh

Last summer, Brandee knew it was time for a change. She felt like she was so unhealthy and upset with her weight and how she looked. “I needed a lifestyle change and I honestly didn’t know how to do that alone.”

Brandee then found out about Sesh from a friend and saw her transformation photos from the Winter Challenge. After that, she got curious about whether or not Sesh would be the right fit for her goals. She started following Sesh on Instagram and realized that these plans and the lifestyles that Sesh challengers had were exactly what she wanted and she was set on taking on the next challenge in the gym, with the support of the Sesh Fam behind her.

“I took a chance with Sesh and I haven’t looked back since. I did the coached version because I was brand new to all of this and definitely needed accountability. I also did not know what to do in the gym at all when it came to lifting. Having a workout plan and having videos that showed how to do each exercise was so helpful.” Since joining a challenge with Sesh, Brandee has now completed two challenges and continues to work toward her goals and sustain the new habits she’s built by doing the past challenge plans included with her premium Sesh app membership. In total, she’s lost 45 pounds and gained an infinite amount of confidence and discipline.

Brandee’s initial goals were to make her back look more lean and regain the confidence she once had. “The way my back looked honestly made me feel so insecure and within 4 weeks of me doing the challenge, it was gone. I honestly couldn’t even believe it because at that point I was only down 2lbs on the scale but it had looked like I lost at least 15lbs. The confidence I gained in such a short time was crazy. Even the look on my face in each progress photo was amazing. I started to smile again because of the progress I had made!”

The most challenging aspect of Brandee’s fitness journey was learning to strive for progress over perfection. In the beginning she felt like she was hard on herself and would make herself eat things that she didn’t even like but thought that she had to or it would ruin her progress compared to others. That’s why we love macros! Everyone’s bodies and preferences are different, and macros give you the flexibility to enjoy your nutrition plan while staying on track and fueling your body so you feel your best.

“You can still enjoy things you like to eat but it’s about learning moderation and tracking ahead. Some days I would treat myself or go overboard but the key is to not throw in the towel over one “bad” day. Get back to your normal routine the next day. Whenever this would happen, I kept thinking about my goals and knew that I would continue to do my best the next day.”

In her effort to strive for progress over perfection, everything clicked for her when she went on vacation and enjoyed herself, but then went right back to the new, sustainable fitness and nutrition habits she developed with Sesh. “I realized that I had overcome this when I went on vacation after completing my first challenge. I ate and drank whatever I wanted to, and enjoyed myself! However, the day after I got home, I was back to my normal meals and back in the gym. I became dedicated to my goals for the long haul and Sesh made me realize I could achieve them while still enjoying vacations and events!”

Like Brandee mentioned before, she’s constantly working towards progress instead of striving for perfection. When we chatted with her, she mentioned that she had recently been struggling with consistency in her nutrition. “After a year of tracking my food I needed a mental break from it so I’ve been intuitively eating. With summer and vacations I started to go overboard with eating out and snacking and in the result of that I gained a few pounds back and noticed bloating.” However, the strong foundation of the new habits she built kicked in. “I took some accountability and I went grocery shopping. I bought my go-to foods to keep in the house so that I can get back to my regular routine and fuel my body. It was a good thing to take that break but I’m ready to get back to tracking again. I’m putting in the work at the gym so I need to make sure I’m eating properly again.”

After doing her first Sesh challenge during the summer of 2020, Brandee has never looked back (except to occasionally admire how far she's come). “I look back at my beginning photos and look at where I am today and I’m like wow I DID THAT. I want to continue to crush my fitness goals. I stay to my routine because I know what will keep me on track. For example, as soon as I’m done working, I get my gym clothes on and head to the gym. If I procrastinate getting dressed for the gym then I’m only allowing myself time to talk myself out of going. Instead of saying ‘I have to go to the gym today’ I started saying `I get to go to the gym today.’”

Joining a Sesh challenge was just one small step in Brandee’s fitness journey, but it was the kickstart she needed to change her entire lifestyle.“If you’re nervous about joining a challenge because you have never tracked macros or lifted, that's ok! I was nervous as hell. I saw other girls' transformations for 6 months before joining but I will always regret not starting sooner. I let the fear of being embarrassed for not knowing how to do something correctly keep me back from going after my goals. Joining Sesh has been so rewarding. I hit my goal weight after 9 months and I developed a healthy relationship with food. Sesh gives you the tools you need for success. My favorite part is the community of women uplifting each other. I love Katy and how real she is and I love how much she puts into her programs to make sure they are perfect so I can walk into the gym with confidence. Sesh changed my life and it can definitely change yours but you have to be willing to put in work and not make excuses.”

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