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How Asia Overhauled Her Lifestyle With Sesh
December 20, 2021

How Asia Overhauled Her Lifestyle With Sesh

By completing 6 challenges and losing over 40lbs, Asia has completely transformed her body, mindset, and lifestyle with Sesh. Her journey has inspired us so much that we know it will spark something in you too. Asia joined the Sesh Fam in 2019 and we love watching how she’s consistently put in the work ever since.

“I’ve always prided myself on being comfortable in my skin at any weight. However, that all changed in 2019. By the end of that year, I was dejected, uncomfortable, and full of excuses. I was at my highest weight ever and realized I only had myself to blame and I had no more excuses to make.”

When Asia realized she wanted to make a change, she knew she wanted to choose a plan that would help her transform her lifestyle, not just provide a quick fix. Asia had tried multiple programs before Sesh that were cardio focused and demanded a major calorie deficit to see results that were difficult to sustain. She was determined to find something that worked while allowing her to create a lifestyle that she enjoyed. Knowing what kind of goals you should set can sometimes be difficult. With that in mind, Asia knew she had to pick an achievable goal to kickstart her journey and set herself up for success.

“In the spring of 2020, I found the Sesh app and started my journey. My initial goals were simple because my objective was to gain sustainable habits that would last past the 8 week challenge. With that in mind, my goals were to complete every workout and track my macros. At the end of the challenge I had accomplished both of these goals and my progress pictures and measurements reflected how well I stuck to these goals. I&#x2019**;m proud to say that once I started, I never stopped. I have now been using Sesh for almost 2 years now and I’m so happy** I took the plunge and joined the Sesh Fam! I love the strength training aspect and that I get to have food flexibility and meals I enjoy with macro tracking.”

By setting a goal that was achievable and determining her “why”, Asia was able to stay disciplined, which led her to completing 6 challenges and counting with Sesh! But achieving this level of consistency had its struggles and the mental transformation to achieve this level of consistency didn’t happen overnight.

“The mental aspect of living a healthy life has been the hardest roadblock I’ve had to overcome. Building a healthy relationship with food and not being my own biggest critic are things I’m constantly working on. I’ve challenged myself to dig deeper and understand the why behind what is truly stopping me from making choices that consistently make me feel my best. A lot of soul searching, grace and forgiveness has been done throughout each challenge and every moment in between. My journey has been a marathon and not a sprint but I’m enjoying every second of it. I’m in a really good mental space now. I love my physical progress but the mental progress is what I’m most proud of. For the first time in a long time I’m motivated by myself, not a picture of someone else on Instagram, my kids, or my friends but me.”

When it comes to making big changes, we’re firm believers that having a solid support system of people around you with a similar mindset is a game changer**. That’s why we’re so proud of the Sesh Fam community. Our Sesh Fam is over 100k strong, and we can say with confidence that our community is one** of the main reasons why so many women see life-changing results with our program.

“My favorite things about Sesh have been the community of girls each challenge, the coaches, and the Sesh team. I appreciate this program and the people who work hard to deliver it to the masses. I’ve had amazing coaches and I’ve met a lot of amazing women crushing their goals.”

To all the ladies out there putting in work but may be feeling discouraged this program is for you. To my ladies who feel like they are at rock bottom this program is for you. To the ladies who need accountability this program is for you. I started the Sesh program a year and a half ago and the physical and mental growth it has given me is worth more than I can say. It’s truly priceless.”

If you’ve made it this far and think a Sesh challenge is right for you, our Sesh Fam is ready to welcome you with open arms! Start your journey today by downloading our app!

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