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Everything You Need To Know About Metabolic Training
September 9, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Metabolic Training

Metabolic training is a high-intensity resistance training style. Exercises in this category are meant to increase the efficiency of your metabolism. These exercises are intense and require about 8+ reps per set. So, while metabolic training isn’t always a breeze, it is one of the most effective ways to keep the burn going!


The idea of metabolic training is to maximize your calorie burn both during AND after your workout. To be sure you’re burning long after you leave the gym, you really have to give maximum effort during your sets. This will create an “afterburn” which is where your body is burning calories while at rest.

During metabolic training, you’ll see higher rep counts and less rest time. This will keep your muscles under tension for a longer period of time, resulting in muscle gain. A lot of times you’ll be doing compound movements that work multiple muscle groups at one time. This makes the workout even more efficient. Keeping a slow and controlled tempo is key to getting the most out of each movement. Be sure you're sticking to rest and set time as closely as possible to ensure results.

Think of metabolic training like pushing a ball. The workout is when you push, the afterburn is the momentum that the ball has to keep it moving after you push it. If you push extra hard during the workout, your metabolic rate will go up and keep your body burning after the workout is done. Talk about a win-win!


The main purpose of Metabolic Training is to train the energy systems of the body at both cellular and systemic levels. Adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP, is the body’s main fuel source. Think of it as the energy currency your cells need to function. Metabolic training increases your body’s ability to adequately utilize and create ATP in an efficient manner. Increased ATP = faster metabolism!

Metabolic training also increases the ability of the body to utilize carbs as fuel. This is not the time to drastically cut carbs! Your body is burning so many more calories during and after your workout, carbs are what will keep you feeling energized and ready for the next set. However, metabolic training isn’t just for fat loss. Over time, your body will be able to refill glycogen stores, which basically means getting carbs into the muscles for use. This will lead to more efficient use of energy and overall muscular gains!