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Don’t Sweat The Scale: What’s Really Happening Beyond The Number On The Scale
March 22, 2022

Don’t Sweat The Scale: What’s Really Happening Beyond The Number On The Scale

Non-Scale Victories Over the Number on the Scale- Always

When you’re working hard in the gym, sticking to your macros, and giving it all you got, it can be frustrating to see the number on the scale stay the same. Or even worse, go up! Don’t stress. This is actually a very common occurrence and no reason to throw in the towel. Plus, there are plenty of other victories to focus on that are way more important than your weight, trust us.

So the Scale is Fluctuating, It’s Fine!

Seeing fluctuations in your weight is NORMAL- not a death sentence. There are a million reasons your weight could be fluctuating from week to week, day to day, and realistically hour to hour.

We want to share some things to think about if the scale is fluctuating. The first is the most simple- SLEEP! Are you getting enough sleep every night? Not catching enough Zzz’s can cause hormonal changes that can impact your appetite and hunger. Lack of sleep can increase cravings for sugary and fatty foods, leading to the scale ticking upwards. Focus on putting the phone away an hour before you get into bed and creating a nighttime routine that helps you get quality sleep. Celebrate getting a restful night’s sleep with a killer workout in the morning!

Another reason your weight may fluctuate is that you’re building muscle. We’re not lying when we say muscle weighs more than fat! Plus, feeling strong is way more important than what the scale says.

Make sure you’re getting enough water every day, at least 100oz. If you consume too little, your body retains fluids making you feel puffy and bloated. Being on your period or having too high of a sodium intake can also impact your water retention. Bottom line, don’t think too much about weight fluctuations. Consider how your clothes are fitting or how accomplished you’re feeling by sticking with your goals. Those are some non-scale victories we can get behind!

The Science Behind Plateaus

Plateaus can be a frustrating part of a fitness routine. Many people give up when they hit one, but it’s really a common speed bump that almost everyone experiences. The key to understanding, and breaking through a plateau is to understand why it’s happening. Ask yourself some important questions: Are portions creeping up in size? Are you sticking to your macros and workouts?

When you’re just starting out you lose a substantial amount of water weight. That’s because you’re burning a carbohydrate called glycogen for fuel, and glycogen has high water content. When you lose weight, you can also lose muscle at first. Muscle keeps your metabolism up, so make sure you’re reaching for those heavier weights to keep your muscles growing.

Tell That Plateau to Hit the Road

Plateaus can sometimes be your body’s way of telling you it’s ready to amp it up! Try to avoid alcohol and keep your portion sizes in check. Those little slips can make all the difference in your progress!

Have you measured yourself lately? Celebrate your non-scale victory of losing some inches, even if the scale hasn’t moved. Do your clothes fit better? Feeling like you have more energy? These are all ways to see the progress you’ve made beyond the scale. We bet it’s more than you expect!